1. How can i post a business listing on
    • Enter the mandatory* fields.
    • Click the Preview button.
    • Check the entered details. If it is wrong then click on the Edit button otherwise click on the Post button.
    • We've sent you an email with a verification code to your email address.
    • You will have to enter the verification code in text box.
    • Then click on the Continue button.
    • We will activate your listing within 24 hours.
  2. How can i add business logo to my listing?
    • First upload your images to Google Photos. Having trouble? Click here to Show
      Here we explained How to upload images to Google Photos with 'Chrome browser'.
      1. Go to Google Photos.
      2. Click on Go to Google Photos.
      3. Login to Google account with your email Username & Password.
      4. After login you can see the Google Photos page.
      5. Click on the Upload Photos button.
      6. Select your images. Use CTRL key to select multiple images.
      7. You can see the uploading status here.
      8. After uploading click on the View Photos.
      9. You can see the all uploaded images here.
      10. Then select all images by clicking the select button.
      11. Your all images are selected now.
      12. Click on the + button.
      13. Click on Create new album link.
      14. Type StaticDiary instead of Untitled.

      15. Click on the first image and then mouse right button click on the image.
      16. It will shows a small menu window
        • Next you click on the Copy Image Location/URL menu.
        • Next you can Paste it into the StaticDiary text box.
      17. Continue the step 15,16 for each image.
      • Do not remove the image from the origin.
      • Because we doesn't upload the image to our server.
      • We have using only the image link.
  3. How can i add a website link to my listing?
    • You can type your full website address in the Website text box (Eg:
  4. How can i add a social media links to my listing?
    • You can type your social media links in the Social Media Links section (Eg: etc.)
  5. How can i add my location to my listing?
    • You can type your location in location text box and then you can get location suggestions from Google. You will have to select the location from drop down list. Also you can 'drag' the marker or 'zoom' the map to redefine the position.
  6. How can i show my email on
    • By default we would not be displayed your email address. If you checked the Show Email ID on check box, then we will display your email address on the listing.
  7. How can i create an image slide show to my listing?
    • You have an option to add maximum 10 image link to your listing. will create a slide show from your images. You don't worry about it.
    • For uploading and adding images, please follow the step 2.
  8. How can i edit my listing?
    • You can edit your listing only before sending the verification code. You cannot edit your listing after sending the verification code. So double check your listing before submit.
    • After submit you can edit the listing only with our help.
  9. How can i verify my email address?
    • After you click on the post button, we've sent you an email with a verification code to your email address.
    • You can get the verification code from your email inbox.
    • Didn't get your code? Please do the following
      1. Please check your mail's spam or resend the verification code.
      2. If you still not getting your verification code. Please try an alternative method.
    • You will have to enter the verification code in text box.
  10. How can i activate my listing?
    • After email verification, we will activate your listing within 24 hours.
    • If your listing is not activated with in 24 hours then please contact to
  11. Can i post my business listing from mobile?
    • Yes, you can post from mobile also.
  12. Is it a free service?
    • Yes, it is 100% free service.
  13. How can i remove my listing from
    • We can help you to remove the listing. You will have to send a mail with subject 'Remove listing' and message content is related with the reason through our contact form or send directly to our email address(
  14. How can i contact to
    • You can contact to us through direct email or our contact form
    • If you have any doubt, please contact us.
      Email Address :