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Shruti Chaturvedi, +91-8905531545, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 122022,, 1653, SushantLok, C BlockGurgaon- 122022, Haryana, Service Provider, ChaaiPani

Shruti Chaturvedi
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
1653, SushantLok, C Block
Gurgaon- 122022, Haryana
Service Provider
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ChaaiPani is a digital media platform to discover, share and act on positively inspiring & motivational stories around us. It is an initiative to bring communities together to do good, using powerful storytelling- connecting communities, enabling collaborations and bringing about positive change.

ChaaiPani was started by Shruti Chaturvedi in August of 2015, as a one-year blogging project to live her hobby of storytelling before embarking on a conventional journey of MBA — job — marriage — kids — job. However, half-way through it, her story took its twists (fortunately!) and so did that of ChaaiPani's. And in no time, the one-year project by a 22 year old turned into a well-known platform celebrating inspirational & positive stories of people who are making our world a better place to live in. Since then, ChaaiPani has featured over 400 stories celebrating the emotion of entrepreneurship, innovation, art & culture and social change.

Submit your inspiring & motivational stories at ChaaiPani like
-Entrepreneurship Stories to Inspire and Instruct Entrepreneurs
-Women Empowerment Untold Women Stories
-Water Conservation
-Blogs on Arts, Culture & Tradition of India

We are super excited to know your story. Or someone else's that you'd like to share. Go ahead, give your best shot. You can always reach ChaaiPani team by emailing or tweeting at @chaaipani. We're eager to hear from you, read all of our correspondence, and try to respond quickly.

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