Friday, July 29, 2016

WudStay Travel Pvt.Ltd.

WudStay, 9555900500, Haryana, India,, Travel in India, Tours And Travel, Hotels, WudStay Travel Pvt.Ltd.,, NH9, Sorkhi, Haryana, India

9555900500 ✔
Haryana, India
NH9, Sorkhi, Haryana, India
Tours And Travel, Hotels
Travel in India
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WudStay is a lifespan accommodation company that allows users find standardized short and long term stay options across categories including hotels, homestays, hostels and retirement homes.

WudStay hotels are available at leisure destinations such as Kashmir, Manali, and Goa and business destinations such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Gurgaon.

The company has a strong Hostel/PG presence in big education markets including Kota and Business Destination such as Gurgaon and Bangalore and has helped consumers find a convenient and comfortable way to stay. Users can choose a WudStay property from 650+ hotels across 60 cities, 2000+ homestays in 20 cities, and 350 hostels/PGs across 5 cities.

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